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Historical Mosques in Egypt

There are currently thousands of mosques in all Egyptian cities. but it started with just one large mosque built by Amr Ib El Aas, the Arab leader who conquered the Romans occupying Egypt in the the seventh century. There was a saying that Cairo is the city of one thousand minarets which reflects the fact of the large number of mosques in Cairo but this saying is too old to be correct now with several thousands mosques built over the past thousand years.

We have collected some information about Mosques in Egypt that might interest you if you are studying the Islamic history of Egypt.


  • Al Azhar
    Built by the Fatimids in 970 to be the largest mosque in Egypt and then developed into a worldwide Islamic university where millions of Muslim students were attracted to study and then return to their countries to teach Islam and spread the word of God.

    Al Azhar


  • Al Hussein
    The famous mosque in Cairo was built in 1154 near the well known Khan El Khalily bazaar area.

    Al Hussein mosque



  • Sultan Hassa mosque
    Construction of this great mosque took 7 years as it started in 1356 and finished in 1363.

    Sultan Hassan mosque - Madrasa

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