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Sharm El Sheikh information - capital city of South Sinai, Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh map
Sharm El Sheikh map

One of the most visited and developed Egyptian tourist resorts in Sinai. Sharm El Sheikh is located at the south coast of Sinai peninsula on the Red sea. Due to its humid weather Sharm El Sheikh is the place to visit all year long. You can find tourists there in all seasons. While Egyptians like to spend their summer holiday in Sharm Foreign tourists like to spend Christmas holiday there.

You can go direct to Sharm from any country as its international airport is one of the busiest Egyptian airports with all facilities available to visitors. Visitors can also get there by bus from either Alexandria or Cairo. So if you like to go there fast use the airplane but if you prefer to enjoy the desert while you travel go to Sharm El Sheikh by bus.

If you go to Sharm in a tourist group by bus you will have the chance to visit Saint Katherine convent, Moses springs and other sacred locations in Sinai.

Transportation in the city is as easy as getting there as taxis are available all day long and during the night till dawn as well as the collective taxis at a low fare which suits the Egyptians most.
sharm el sheikh beach
Naama bay beach

When you arrive in Sharm you will find all types of accommodations available starting from small motels and 1 star hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels.  You will find a place to stay that will suit your budget.

What are the attractions of Sharm El Sheikh ? The beach of course in Naama bay, the old market place of Sharm, one thousand nights and one and don't forget to go in a cruise to Ras Muhammad where you will enjoy scup diving.

When you go to Sharm El Sheikh you will not find yourself free at any time with all cafes, discos and casinos to spend the night.

Authorities is Sharm El Sheikh will make sure your stay is as pleasant as you like it to be so if you like to have more information you will find contact information of the Egyptian tourist authority in this page

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Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

If you visit Sharm El Sheikh try your best to enjoy the sea and desert. You can go in a diving trip to Ras Muhammad, Tiran Island or Ras um sid which are some of the famous diving sites in the red sea. In the desert you go in a safari to explore the Sinai desert either on bikes or in the old fashion way on the back of a camel.

In the evening when after sunset when the temperature is good you can go shopping in Sharm El Sheikh well known "Old Sharm Market" just a few minutes from the center of tourists activities in Naama bay, you can buy Egyptian souvenirs especially Egyptian cotton T-shirts and Papyrus paintings to keep or give your friends as gifts when you return back home from your holiday. Merchandise in the old Sharm market are cheap compared to those in Naama bay.

At night you can go to a night club where you can dance and have a drink, or if you fancy a quiet evening you can sit at any cafe at the beach and enjoy the night sky.

All hotels in Sharm El Sheikh have their entertainment facilities that help you enjoy your holiday. just ask at the hotel reception what they can offer at the hotel you are staying.
Sharm El Sheikh underwater heaven wonderful sea life in the Red sea

Weather in Sharm El Sheikh

To enjoy your holiday in Sharm El Shekh you need to know about the weather. In Sharm El Sheikh weather tends to be hot in summer and warm in winter with temperature ranging from 34C (93F) to 38C (100F) during the months of May to August in summer season while the lowest temperature recorded in Sharm El Sheikh in winter is 13C (55F). the following table shows average temperature recorded throughout the year to help you choose the best time to visit Sham El Sheikh.

Jan Feb Mar April May June July August Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High Temperature in Sharm El Sheikh
71 22 73 23 78 26 86 30 93 34 98 34 100 38 99 37 96 36 88 31 81 27 74 23
Average Low temperature in Sharm El Sheikh
55 13 56 13 61 16 68 20 74 23 79 26 81 27 82 28 79 26 73 23 65 18 59 15

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