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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

People in Ancient Egypt worshipped many gods. A god for every aspect of life. Ancient Egyptians believed that worshipping all these gods and goddesses makes life go smoothly.
We have listed some of the well known ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses with a description for each.

Amun: The creator god of Ancient Egypt.

Aten (Aton): the God of the sun

Anubis: Egyptian god of mummification or embalming.

Nephthys:protective goddess of the dead.

Isis: Mistress of Magic. Also the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus.

Osiris (Oseris): God of farming and ruler of the underworld.

Horus: The sky god. Son of Osiris and Isis.

Set (Seth): God of disorder. An enemy of Horus.

Sobek: The crocodile god.

Ra: The sun god of Ancient Egypt.

Sekhmet: The sun Goddess

Maat: Egyptian goddess of Truth

Toth: God of wisdom in ancient Egypt.

Bastet: Ancient Egyptian protector of cats

Hathor: Goddess of Love, music and dance

Nut: Goddess of sky

Geb: God of earth

Shue:  Go of the air

Tawaret: goddess who protected women during pregnancy and childbirth

Bes: protector of pregnant women

Tefnut: goddess of moisture

Ptah: God of craftsmen

Hapy: God of the Nile flooding

Khepri: god of creation and the movement of the sun

Seshat: the goddess of writing and measurement



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