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Telephone network in Egypt & Information of Phone calls to Egypt

As Telephone calls is the preferred way of communication for most people, we present here some useful information about telephone communications to/from Egypt. This will help you connect to your friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone around the world from Egypt easily at low cost and good quality. You may use this information also to call your friends in Egypt cheaply and at good voice quality.

Telecom Egypt history

The Telephone network of Egypt has developed through many years since the 19th century. 1854 witnessed the birth of Egypt's telecommunications industry with the first telegraph line connecting Cairo and Alexandria inaugurated early in 1854, forming the company that was later to become Telecom Egypt.

In 1881 The first telephone line was installed between Cairo and Alexandria.

In 1918 the Egyptian Government purchased the Eastern Telephone Company for 755,000 L.E. and created the Telephone & Telegraph Authority. Until 1996, the Arab Republic of Egypt National Telecommunications Organization (ARENTO) was the sole provider of all public telecommunications services in Egypt, and later was renamed Telecom Egypt. 

Now after 150 years of establishment of Telecom Egypt, there are approximately 12 million fixed telephone line subscribers and over 30 million mobile phone subscribers (till 31 December 2008)

Egypt international dialing code: +20

If you want to save on international calls, you might find the following offer useful:

Cheap phone calls from Egypt

If you are travelling to Egypt, you should think of how to call your friends, relatives or anyone you know from Egypt at low cost. Cheap phone calls from Egypt is achievable in several ways, You can make phone calls during non-peak hours from 08:00PM-08:00AM through regular phones. During non-peak hours international phone calls are cost less than the rest of the day.

But the most cost effective way to make cheap telephone calls is to use the services of an Internet phone or VOIP providers that make you use the Internet to make cheap calls to regular telephones anywhere in the world. Some companies also provide calling cards that you can use to make phone calls by calling a specific number and entering a special code.

Cheap phone calls to Egypt

There are several way you can make cheap phone calls to Egypt or international phone calls from Egypt.  To reduce voice communication cost you can sign up for an Internet calling service which you can use to call a regular phone number either from a PC or using a special kind of equipment like VOIP Phone set.


Dialing codes of Mobile phone operators

Mobile telephone operator calling codes
Mobinil 12 17 18
Vodafone 10 16 19
Etisalat 11 14  

Starting from October 6th, 2011 There has been a change of Mobile phone calling code in Egypt. If you have a mobile number in Egypt you will have to modify the contact number as follows:

Mobile telephone operator Mobile calling codes
Mobinil old 12 17 18 150
  new 122 127 128 120
Vodafone old 10 16 19 151
  new 100 106 109 101
Etisalat old 11 14   152
  new 111 114   112

List of long distance dialing codes of major cities in Egypt

City Telephone Dialing code City Telephone Dialing code
Cairo & Giza 2 Damanhour 45
Alexandria 3 Damietta 57
Aswan 97 El Mahalla 43
Hurghada 653 Kafr el Sheikh 47
Ismailia 64 Mansoura 50
Luxor 952 Marsa Matrouh 46
Port Said 66 Rafah 68
Suez 62 Rosetta (Rasheed) 45
Sharm El Sheikh 693 Safaga 653
Tanta 40 6th October 2
El Arish (North Sinai) 68 10th of Ramadan 15
Asiut 882    

International dialing codes

To make an international phone call dial 00 or press the "+" sign button, then the country dialing code then the phone number including city or region long distance dialing code.

Country Dialing code Country Dialing code Country Dialing code
Algeria 213 Iceland 354 Portugal 351
Argentina 54 India 91 Qatar 974
Australia 61 Indonesia 62 Romania 40
Austria 43 Iran 98 Russia 7
Bahamas 1242 Iraq 964 Samoa 685
Bahrain 973 Ireland 353 Saudi Arabia 966
Bangladesh 880 Italy 39 |Senegal 221
Belgium 32 Jamaica 1809 Sierra Leone 232
Bermuda 1441 Japan 81 Singapore 65
Bolivia 591 Jordan 962 Slovakia 421
Brazil 55 Kenya 254 Slovenia 386
Brunei 673 Korea, South 82 Solomon Islands 677
Bulgaria 359 Korea, North 850 South Africa 27
Canada 1 Kuwait 965 Spain 34
Chile 56 Lesotho 266 Sri Lanka 94
China 86 Luxemburg 352 Swaziland 268
Colombia 57 Macao 853 Sweden 46
Costa Rica 506 Malawi 265 Switzerland 41
Cote D'Ivoire 255 Malaysia 60 Syria 963
Cyprus 357 Malta 356 Tahiti 689
Czech Republic 42 Mauritius 230 Taiwan 886
Denmark 45 Mexico 52 Tanzania 255
Ecuador 593 Monaco 377 Thailand 66
Egypt 20 Nepal 977 Tunisia 216
El Salvador 503 Netherlands 31 Turkey 90
Fiji 679 New Caledonia 687 Uganda 256
Finland 358 New Zealand 64 United Arab Emirates (UAE) 971
France 33 Nigeria 234 United Kingdom (UK) 44
Germany 49 Norway 47 United States (USA) 1
Ghana 233 Oman 968 Venezuela 58
Gibraltar 350 Pakistan 92 Vietnam 84
Greece 30 Panama 507 Zambia 260
Guam 1671 Papua New Guinea 675 Zimbabwe 263
Guatemala 502 Paraguay 595    
Haiti 509 Peru 51    
Hong Kong 852 Philippines 63    
Hungary 36 Poland 48    

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Mobile phone operators in Egypt

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