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Luxor, Egypt. information about the ancient city of Thebes

Luxor is the famous city in Egypt that has a quarter of the world monuments. The city lies in upper Egypt at a distance of 670 km south of Cairo. It consists of 3 parts, Thebes the ancient city on the west bank of the Nile, Karnak to the north of the current city and Luxor the main city itself with a population of around 400,000 people most of them working in the tourism industry or managing coffee shops and bazaars.

The city of Luxor has a special status, under the supervision of the Egyptian supreme counsel of monuments in 1989.

Luxor name is derived from the Arabic word "Al Aksor or Al Oksor" which means "Palaces" and was named by the Arabs when the conquered the Romans who occupied Egypt and found an enormous number of luxurious buildings which inspired them to name it that way.

Luxor is considered an open museum with around 800 monument sites attracting more than eight million tourists a year. Among the most visited sites in Luxor is the temple of Karnak, Luxor temple, the Kings valley and the queens valley. One of the most famous temples in Egypt is the "El Deir El Bahary" built by queen Hatshepsut. It lies at the west coast of the Nile river.

Thebes was the ancient capital of Egypt during part of the 11th Dynasty (Middle Kingdom) and most of the 18th Dynasty (New Kingdom)

Luxor has an international airport serving both domestic trips and international trips carrying millions of tourists coming to visit the city throughout the year. Although the bets time to visit the city is the winter months, many people come in all seasons to enjoy the city even in summer which quite hot with temperature reaching 40º C in June and July.

Nile cruise is a preferred way to visit the city in that you can enjoy the Nile, visit the ancient sites and travelling from Luxor to Aswan as did Ancient Egyptians in ships through the Nile.

The Temple of Luxor

It is a temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile river in Thebes built in 1400 BC. The temple was dedicated to the Theban Triad of Amun, Mut, and Chons and was built during the New Kingdom. Entrance of the temple is to its north through a path with sphinxes statues lined on both sides.

The temple was called "Ipet resyt," which means the Southern Opet or the Place of the Seclusion of Amun-Re. It was directly connected to the temple of Karnak, the main cult center of Amun-Re or Amun-Min, the sky god or the ithyphallic fertility god.

Amenhotep III built Luxor Temple which run close to the river Nile from north to south. It was constructed on the site of a small Temple of Amun, built by kings of the 12th dynasty. At the time of Amenhotep III the temple was only 190m in length and 55m in width.

Ramses II, with the help of his architect Pak-in Khonso, added the front part and completed the temple. He also added the present large forecourt, and a Pylon at the (northern) front of the Temple. Kings Merenpetah, Seti I, Ramses III, Ramses IV and Ramses VI built many more small additions. Alexander the Great rebuilt the Sanctuary. During the Christian era, the inner section was converted to a church. A Mosque was built in the 10th century, which is known as the Mosque of Abou El-Hagag.

Wifi Internet access project in Luxor

For the technology enthusiasts and frequent travelers, the city of Luxor has established WiFi hotspots in key areas to allow access to the Internet.

The wireless coverage spans a 7 Kilometers distance by the river side, where there’s a high concentration of hotels, Nile cruise ships, and cafés in addition to and Al-Karnak temples and the main train station.

To take advantage of the wireless Internet service you can buy scratch cards that are sold to tourists in the places close to Wi-Fi covered areas. You can see the WiFi hotspots in the displayed map of Luxor






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